How to check and Reinforce the signal on Android and iPhone

Sometimes while calling peer or The Internet, the connection suddenly disconnect. Once checked, it signals the operator used weakened.

In addition to seeing the number of signal bars on your mobile phone, there are other ways to check the signal strength.

When you use Android, only go into the settings, and click on the About Network. The following signal strength will be shown in units of decibels milliwatts (dBm).

When using the iPhone, based on KompasTekno experience, try to press * 3001 # 12345 # on the dial pad. You will be taken to a menu entry Field Test and signal bars will turn into units of dBm.

Signal on-100 dBm indicates you get the worst quality signal. While the figures-70 dBm means, a signal quality cell phone is already good. trans 7 streaming online

Well, having had access to check signal strength, try the following steps to get the best signal you can get.

1. create map signal

If You’re in the House, make a floor plan of the House in a simple form. Turn on the field test mode or go into Settings to view the signal strength indicator.

Onward travel from one point to the House to find out how much signal strength you get there. Mark each point on the map.

In this way, you quickly find anywhere that has a high signal. Every time you will call, please do so at that point so that his voice was crystal clear.

2. Airplane mode

Install Airplane Mode for three seconds, and then turn off again mode. This will refresh the connection to the mobile network operator you use.

Besides, it could be your cell phone will be connected to the transmitter signals its location closest to the location of the call. Thus, the signal is transmitted and received a stronger. Your mobile phone will sound when calling any more clear.

3. Open the window

If you are in the House and felt the vote dashed the moment to call, open the window and stood nearby.

Well, in the unlikely event that dotted the sound occurs when calling from inside the car. Do the same thing, open the nearest window.

In this way, the signal emitted from the outside can be captured by a cell phone without having to penetrate the barrier. Moreover, metallic materials in the body of the car including materials that are difficult to penetrate the cell signal.

4. check the battery Already?

If SMS or another message that you send is apparently delay, try check mobile phone battery. Smartphones will apply when a battery power saving mode live a little.

This mode could be disconnected while the connection to the network, due to moving the connection from one transmitter to another transmitter indeed takes a lot of power.

Now, if it turns out that the problem of the signal on a cell phone caused this, simply charge only and everything will be finished.

5. Approach the transmitter signal

Open Signal can show the coordinates of the location of the tower the transmitter signal in the round
First, you must download and install the application Open Signal in Android phones. This application can be used to check how many signal transmitter Tower.

When the voice calls problems, try looking for the nearest transmitter and walk closer towards her.

Thus, you can get a stronger signal, and automatic phone connection leads to a transmitter that.

8 celebrities, pretty and Handsome but Stuttering Technology

Kim Kardashian and Justin Beiber hooked exist in social media as well as have millions of follower. Many Hollywood celebrities, both actors, actress, singer, socialite, and others that do not miss standing in cyberspace.

But not everything can be the exciting-a cry in the social media. There is also the alias gaptek stuttering technology. Some even tend not to like and prefer to stay away from the internet or other forms of technology that are already prevalent in the modern era.

1. Christopher Walken
In an interview with Newsweek, senior actor birth 31 March 1943 and has starred in over 100 films this is claimed to be able to get “peace” by not using the computer.

“I do not exist online. I don’t have a computer. I had no cell phone. I cannot send SMS, “said Walken claiming to only communicate long distance over the phone home.

So quickly contacted when shooting film. Usually a cell phone provided by Walken movie producers are concerned. But he always returns it when it is finished shooting.

2. Angelina Jolie
In 2011, Angelina Jolie tried opened the online shop for the first time. Tomb Raider film actress this dizziness headache directly see a wide variety of goods.

“My brain feels fragmented, as many different directions led to cable,” said the woman who has often referred to this sexy lips, in an interview with USA Today.

The confusion it might just make reasonable Jolie who a few years earlier confided in no way could operate the computer.

3. Brad Pitt
The husband of Angelina Jolie is just gapteknya with his wife. He accompanied Jolie browsing stores in 2011 and was equally puzzled,

Pitt who had no Twitter account claiming to not know how to wear a computer and refused to participate in the internet hubbub he calls as “publicity machine”

“Other entities this suck you. You have to go out and sell. I never liked that, “he said in an interview with NewsWeek.

4. Winona Ryder
When interviewed by Elle on 2010, Winona Ryder claimed to have never used the internet. In other interviews done after that, he also claimed to have no computer.

“I use e-mail on BlackBery, but just that alone. I’ve never read a blog, “said the actress who starred as the mother of Spock in Star Trek.

He was feeling all kinds of berselewiran information on the internet makes life no longer “mysterious”. Considering BlackBerry is already not popular now, either the gadget what it uses to communicate.

5. Elton John
Musician, pianist, songwriter, composer and legendary is known to hate the internet that he makes people no longer communicate with each other and damaging musical tastes.

In 2007, Elton John even got called on to shut down the internet for five years and saw the development of what is happening in that span of time.

“He went out into the streets, then lined up and cast a protest rather than just sit at home and write a blog,” he said to the United Kingdom tabloid, The Sun.

6. George Clooney
Clooney is a figure that vocal opposition to social networks Facebook and Twitter. “It’s better I got an anal examination on television by direct impressions found cold than have a Facebook page,” he said once.

Born May 6, 1961, that can run as actor, Director, producer and writer who starred in the television series ER in the same also not indifferent with Twitter that is making people too open.

“I don’t understand why people want to be on Twitter … the worst thing that can be done is make yourself more available,” said Clooney to Esquire.

7. Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams is like the opposite of celebs-celebs who ably used a wide range of social networks to communicate with the fans.

“I listen to the news on the radio, no television, and bad once a matter of wearing your e-mail,” he admits to People.

The actress who starred in two films Sherlock Holmes and the Mean Girls also purporting to recently hear about Twitter in 2009.
8. Eminem
Rapper Eminem is also included in the list of celebrities who are clueless about computers. In an interview with Spin, he explained the reason to learn to operate a computer.

“If I study, I will spend a day at it, looking at the various comments about myself, and it makes it crazy,” he said.

The original guy named Marshall Bruce Mathers III has a Twitter account. However, since first joining in 2009 until now, he has uploaded 616 booms.

Ovarian Rapture Increase Risk Of Colon Cancer

Researchers found that among nearly 196,000 Sweden women who no longer have ovaries, who was diagnosed with colon cancer, the number is 30 percent higher than females age bracket with the ovaries.

The ovaries of the woman were lifted due to non-cancerous conditions so that the history of ovarian cancer will not explain the findings of the study, the researchers said.

Still, there are those who still doubted the results of this research. The study does not prove that the adoption of the ovary contributes to the risk of colon cancer, said Mia Gaudet, Director of Gynecologic Cancer Research strategic breast and the American Cancer Society.

The researchers could not explain some important factors, said Gaudet, who is not involved in the research.

Women who have undergone the Rapture of the ovaries (oophorectomies) may undergo cancer screening more often than other women, making it possible to detect cancer in them, said Gaudet.

Also, in this study, there is limited information concerning weight volunteers, and there were no details about their diet or use of hormone therapy.

Principal researcher Dr Josefin Segelman agreed that her research team has its limitations.

Nevertheless, biologically, it makes sense that the ovaries can affect the risk of colon cancer, said Segelman, a colorectal surgeon, is at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

Other studies, he explained, has shown that sex hormones influence the development of colon cancer. For example, some studies have found among the realationship hormone replacement therapy after menopause and birth control pills with the decline in the risk of colon cancer.

And in laboratory studies, estrogen has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells of the colon, obviously Segelman again. global streaming online

But Gaudet reminds that the direct relationship between hormones and cancer of the colon is still unclear. The researchers have yet to find, whether natural women, estrogen or hormone replacement therapy, which deals with the possibility of getting cancer.

The latest findings in the British Journal of Surgery, based on notes from say women who have undergone surgical removal of one ovary or two at some point in time between 1965 and 2011 find that 1.6 percent of all women in the study were diagnosed with colon cancer during the next 18 years.

That is to say, 30 percent higher than expected for women their age bracket, said time Segelman.

A woman has been appointed second ovarium, 2.3 times more risk of having high rectal cancer than those who have only one ovary.

Good Segelman and Gaudet had the same advice for the ladies: If your doctor recommends oophorectomies, ask the reasons and potential risks versus benefits.

For the prevention of colon cancer, Gaudet suggested that we focus on the risk factors that can be controlled.

The American Cancer Society recommends a diet that is mostly a healthy plant-based, limiting alcohol and maintain the weight loss ideas. Plus, don’t smoke.

Do not Bring the baby to travel before the 40 days

It is recommended, before the 40-day-old baby, not brought travel to a public place, except for the medical examination and immunization. Although there has been no research on this subject, logically, there is an explanation.

Also due to the durability of the body which is still very low, the baby’s immune system no matter the age is not yet formed perfectly, so he readily infected with the disease.

What’s more, the State of the outdoors generally “unfriendly” for babies; pollution from cigarette smoke and vehicle, as well as the germ of the disease are scattered everywhere. So, never encouraged him to travel outside the home, when a family member at home who is sick, babies should not close-close first.

However, there are some circumstances that are the exception. That is, the baby could have been brought and if its purpose is indeed bright and bring direct benefits, i.e., to the hospital or doctor for immunizations or medical treatment because of illness.

It was only after 3-4 months of age. A little one could be invited to travel. The subject, the time is not too long and with mileage not too far away.

The vehicles used are also noteworthy. Wherever possible avoid using motorcycles, Bajaj, and public buses are too crowded, or other means of transportation felt less comfortable.

Before a vacation, check first 5 things!

Ahead of the long holiday weekend over four days ahead is certain a lot of people will be doing a holiday.

However, before a vacation, you need to pay attention to some things that are left behind, like the House and in.

Here are things you need to do before leaving home to go on holiday:

1. Clean smelling places

The trash is good in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or in another room should be clean when you travel.

In addition to the trash, a dishwasher, a coffee maker, and refrigerator, also must be clean before you go, especially if in a long period.

You certainly don’t want to breathe the air of unpleasant moments. Not only empty, but you also need to clean it.

2. Security checks

What is the Windows, doors, and a garage was closed and locked? Whether the curtain is already closed? If you leave the vehicle in a safe place? Make sure no items are visible from the outside.

Make a brief sketch of the floor plan of the House and stuff that needs to be locked as well as give a marker on the floor plan of your home.

3. save energy and protect from damage

Off the whole electronic equipment from the stop contact. Check the cooling system or heating and water heating as well.

Is it entirely is turned off or not. Then consider also to shut off the flow of water as long as you leave the House.

Also, you also must make sure cooking equipment such as a stove, an oven and a coffee maker in the circumstances of the death.

4. Watering plants

Give the plants enough water for You to go and put the plant in the optimal area. Make sure your plants get enough light.

5. Communication with the neighbor

If there are neighbors who do not go on vacation, ask for help to pay attention to your home. indosiar online

You can also provide an alternate number and personal number if there are dangerous things happen in your home.

Happy vacationing!

Five Simple Ways To Create Energy-Efficient Home

Healthy and green living ideas have entered the mainstream of that impact eating patterns, place of work, and of course, House.

If you want to make the right choice for both families and the environment, do not search away.

Below, there are five simple solutions that can help your home be more sustainable.

1. sustainable Systems

This is usually what people think if imagine green living. But, sustainability does not mean the system by installing solar panels.

On a smaller scale, choose a low-flow shower and energy efficient equipment will also reduce energy consumption.

Many people are worried about the cost of implementing the system is sustainable, but we also need to consider that the system is sustainable long-term financial savings.

A recent study from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that the eco-friendly structure typically save 15 percent the cost of a utility than a traditionally built structures.

2. Think at least

Currently, some people began to focus on a more minimalist aesthetic. Minimalist way of thinking, is to set out the functions on the front lines.

When you notice the room at home, try to evaluate each item based on what its goals in space.

Let a few items of decor reflect your personal style, but feel free to clean up something that just takes up space.

For example, by selling it back or give it to a more relative need.

3. Recycle

Reuse existing products is also a key component of green living. Before you decide to remove unused items at home, we recommend that you try to use them in new ways.

For some cases, this means shifting ornament from one room to another. But for others, use the stuff in new ways, means doing a project for the DIY (do it yourself) and turn an old wardrobe into a table, for example.

But, whatever your taste may be, don’t be afraid to take a step back and imagine in new ways.

4. using natural ingredients

When to buy new furniture for your home interior design, you are advised to select natural ingredients whenever possible.

This means, choose design elements that are derived from renewable resources such as wood furniture, marble table or terra cotta floors.

Natural ingredients is the smart choice for a variety of reasons. Not only are currently popular, but because these materials are also not lose style.

If bought from a vendor, you could probably get a better quality goods at prices lower than the mass-produced version.

5. allow a natural setting enter into

It is not possible to talk about a greener life without recognizing that you should try to incorporate nature into the living space.

Ideally, by incorporating natural elements into the room, as well as develop their outdoor space.

Consider the window treatments to allow a lot of natural light that enters. You can also invest by buying a glass sliding door that is large enough to allow for air flow in the room.

Another option is to add a plant or fix the patio.

The building is decorated in Hong Kong the highest secret message

During the three last night, the International Commerce Center, a skyscraper in Hong Kong the highest “infiltrated” the secret message in the body of the building.

The secret message that appears on the facade of the building as high as 118 floors just after 9:30 p.m. and features a nine-digit number is unknown meaning.

The citizens of Hong Kong then guessing the meaning is behind the nine-digit number.

Until it all unfolds. The ninth point of the numbers it is seconds countdown toward 1 July 2017.

Then what is it about 1 July 2017?

This date is the end of the rule of “one country, two systems” arrangement with the city of Beijing, China which gives freedom of autonomous city spring in mainland China.

The next question is how exactly the countdown can appear casually in the foremost public screen in Central Hong Kong that was built by local property giant Sun Hung Kai?

The answer is because the countdown is a work of art is part of the exhibition of large-scale public art medium called “Human Vibrations.”

As for the attempt was ordered by Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) Hong Kong Arts Development Council or artificial Government. sctv online

“Hong Kong now has a discussion of anxiety and associated political fate after 2047.0,” said one of the creators of the message at the International Commerce Center, Sampson Wong.

Along with Jason Lam, Wong created the look. WONG then asked skeptically whether democracy will still happen after 2047 while in 2014 they failed to bring democracy with an Umbrella Movement.

“What we did was to questions and also decide the fate of ourselves,” he added.

“If there is a hidden message, it can be ascertained that the personal idea to the artist,” said they.

While representatives of the Sun Hung Kai Properties said, they are not at all involved in the selection process and the curatorial work of art.

Appearing first on Tuesday (17/5/2016), installation of animation and a hidden message that is scheduled to continue to “airs” every night until 22 June 2016.

9 things you should avoid When Visited

When visited the home of someone else, there are a few things you need to avoid. These rules unwritten or unspoken, but become the norm of decency or ethics.

However, unlike the case if you are in the House of a relative or close friend who has frequently visited before.

1. The fridge

It became the first thing that You should not touch. Refrigerator not only itself but also any that are in it.

2. The fan

You can politely tell the landlord if you feel hot or cold. However, it is not recommended if you take the fan itself without asking first.

3. the computer

You might have a smartphone for urgent matters. But, if you need a computer, you could ask in advance to the landlord.

4. Remote

Preferably, you can’t turn on the TV or change channels using the remote. This also applies to radio or song player. Except, if indeed this remote handed homeowners to you.

5. Pets

At the very least, you should ask first if you want to touch the pets of any kind.

Because you never know how the animal’s temperament. Just maybe, the animal has a point that is sensitive to the touch.

6. The ladder

If the social area and the bathrooms are not at the top level of the House, should you need to stay away from the stairs? Unless you are indeed invited by the owner of the House.

7. Bed

If you are in a studio apartment, and bed is in the open, you better not sit or climb on it. You can find a better place to sit down, such as a sofa or Chair dining table.

8. Amenities

You will indeed need a hand SOAP, obviously. But, their bathroom is not a hotel. Ask before using lotions or other items.

9. Medicine Cabinet

What is your reason for opening the medicine cabinet a friend if only a whim? Unless there are a pressing emergency needs and in desperate need of medication.

The Cause Of The Onset Of Chest Pain Right Side

If you ever feel chest pain right side, don’t be too freaked out and scared. Because it turns out that not all the causes of such pain are a symptom or sign that harm your health. However, it is undeniable that sometimes the pain you are feeling in the chest that sometimes is also indicative of a serious disturbance in the body’s insides. In fact, there are also sometimes presume that they right in the chest pain as a symptom or sign of a heart attack. When it is medically the heart is on the left, not the right. Conclusions about a heart attack are usually taken up because the pain in right chest sometimes indeed appeared suddenly and could even give rise to an unbearable pain in quite a long time. Then what causes chest pain right side up and what’s the difference with a heart attack? More information we will review in the discussion that followed.

Penyebab Timbulnya Nyeri Dada Sebelah Kanan

The difference the right chest pain and heart attacks
For those of you that are suspicious or afraid that the pain you are feeling is a symptom of heart pain or not, there are some signs or symptoms that you should know to distinguish any of these symptoms. In General, it hurts the heart or heart attack can easily recognize without there should be medically diagnosed. But it turns out that chest pain does not mean you have exposed heart pain indication. Sometimes the chest pain can also indicate other illnesses, such as asthma, pneumothorax, and so on.

Well, before You need to know what the typical symptoms of a heart attack that differentiate with chest pain on the right side or the left side. To heart disease itself, usually, the chest will feel heavy and make you will be very hard to breathe. Your chest feels just like when pulling heavy breath and seems bound by rope very tight in the chest. Stomach feels nauseous, appeared anxious and feeling your body normally reacts by releasing sweat.

Not just in the chest, but if your chest pain caused due to heart attack, usually the pain will spread to the left arm, neck, jaw, back, and abdomen feels in one of your shoulders. So the symptoms feel like not only do you feel in one place only. Also if you can feel it, your heart will beat faster than normal. And at the same time, a heart attack can make your body feel very limp. Such conditions typically experienced by sufferers of heart pain after exercising, when no activity, after a great meal, or when you’re experiencing stress. Well, then what are the causes and symptoms of chest pain right side up? Refer to the information below. sandra dewi

The various causes of symptoms of chest pain on the right side
Once you know how the symptoms that the chest pain is a sign You had a heart attack, now we will discuss some causes of pain is common in the chest to the right. An awful lot of cause or consequence that could make You feel the pain, for example, because it is too much physical activity, physical contact, even viral infections. So, for more details, please refer to the following explanation.

1. Inflammation of the Stomach Lining

Inflammation of the stomach lining or also called gastritis can make you feel chest pain right side up. Such a condition would be usually you feel after you have fasted all day or after you consume alcohol in the portion that is too much. Pain in the abdomen that you feel can also trigger chest pain right side.

A nice Fruit options for Diet Naturally

There are some fruits that are good for a diet that can help lose weight naturally. Rich in fibers that help streamline the digestion and low in calories becomes the main reason these fruits are suitable for consumption during diet program. Almost all diet programs healthy and ideal advocated the consumption of fresh fruit. Vegetables and fruits must be one diet menu in mayo. Eating fruit when not doing the diet will make weight loss body awake and not meter.

Pilihan Buah yang Bagus untuk Diet Secara Alami

In addition to the goal of diet, vitamin and nutrient content in different types of fruit also has many benefits for your health. So basically eating the fruit not only intended or required for people who are on a diet, but also to all healthy people to stay can take care of his health. Healthy eating is a program that set the pattern of eating and living patterns to become more healthy and better aiming so that excess body weight can be immediately reduced. A great many diet programs are created and already published. However, it was also quite a lot of people who diet programs fail. Approximately what is the cause?

Consuming a good Fruit to the Diet so that the Weight Quickly
Most of the errors are usually done by someone that ultimately failed in the end to diet programs are those that do not compensate a healthy food patterns and also not balanced with exercise. Sometimes there are people who don’t like eating only fruits and vegetables. Although it may seem trivial, but the role of the fruit would not be replaced entirely with plants. Exercising on a regular basis as long as you run the program the diet is also very important. It is these things that became the key to success is operating the body naturally.

Then, any fruit that is suitable to help lose weight? Here’s more information.

1. Banana

The banana fruit is one type of fruit that is very easy to find in tropical areas such as in Indonesia. And around your House, you certainly will have no trouble finding a tree bananas or banana fruit seller. Lots of benefits or benefits that you can get from banana fruit. And one of the benefits is to launch Your diet program. Bananas are high in fiber and contain and also very low in calories, so until now the banana fruit is still a great fruit to your diet and much liked by people because it tastes delicious too. Also fruit is synonymous with yellow or green also contain complex carbohydrates that are good for your diet.

2. Apple

A nice fruit for the next diet is apples. This type of fruit is sometimes colored red, green or yellow this is one fruit that tastes delicious and scrumptious to be made into a variety of preparations. Call it Apple Juice, Apple chips, and so on. This is a type of Apple fruit contain many nutrients needed by the body and very good consumed daily. For those of you who are running a diet program, you can replace Your snacks with apples. Just like bananas, apples also contain high fiber so good for digestion. Also, without you even realizing when you bite an Apple, apples can take care of Your dental health.

3. Papaya

Papaya fruit is one of the fruit diets is a very good companion and many benefits. As we know, the fruit of the papaya fruit is one of the very high content of fibers with eating the fruit of papaya can also help keep your digestive health. Then what is dealing with diet? Of course, there is, so if the digestive tract works well, then a pile of fat in the body also will join the outcasts from the body and the weight loss process more quickly. In addition to people who are on a diet, for those of you who just got pregnant or the elderly fruit papaya is very much beneficial to launch defecation.